Back to our roots! The Classique Gothique collection.

We at Skeletons in the Closet make corset, but we do not only specialize in corsets. We started out making gothic gowns and we still love the dark side.

Therefore, we have put together a collection in our web shop for all you dark ladies. This collection contains both old and new items. Some have been on our website for ages, some are new. Some have been gone for a while and are now back. There is a bit for everyone.

Here are some of the main pieces in this collection. Available from the 1rst of September in our webshop. Like with every collection of Skeletons in the Closet, there will be pieces added to it through the year. After all, Gothic Fashion does not follow any fashionable seasons.

The Viola top and Florance Fan skirt A lovely chiffon top great to wear with your corsets, and a classic Victorian skirt.

Victorian Halfbust Corset, model Bunny Glittergun
Victorian Halfbust Corset, model Bunny Glittergun

The Hazel Bustle dress. Again a new item, because we love the bustle period.

Hazel Bustle Dress
Hazel Bustle Dress, Model Bunny Glittergun


The Verna Victorian gown, for the more dramatic look.

Verna Victorian Gown
Verna Victorian Gown, photo by Bart Kools

The Raven Queen

Raven Queen
Raven Queen

The Lady Aistikas Gown, an old favourite of mine.

Lady Aistikas Gown
Lady Aistikas Gown
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