The end of custom work

As some of you may have noticed on my facebook page. From the 1rst of august on I will no longer accept custom orders. Now I can understand this might come as a surprise I thought it would be a good idea to explain things.


Like many corsetmakers I have a muggle job next to the corset making. This to make sure I have an income and do not have the wish to live of my craft. Recently I have been able move to a new department at my Muggle job, and this was an opportunity I decided to take. However this does mean I am going to be working 32 hours. To have a 32 hour workweek does mean I will have time to sew, however not a lot of time. And since I do not want people to have to wait up to a year for a custom creation I decided that I will not take on custom work. EDIT 5-2-2020: I will take on a little custom work, since I manage to squeeze in some sewing days, remember to be patient tough, there still is not a lot of time.

Will you quit?

No! I cannot see a world in which I am not creating. I love to make clothing and I love to challenge myself to make new and beautiful items. I just will be making whatever I fancy, shoot it, and place the items in the webshop.

What will you be making?

Mostly gowns, corsets and some lingerie inspired items. Embroidered front corsets, cupped corsets gowns, and some historical inspired corsets are in the making. These items will be made in all kinds of sizes and shapes.

What about the workshops?

At the moment it is uncertain if the workshops will continue, it will depend on interest. Are you interested, just email me.

How do I know if you have made something new for the webshop?

Follow me on Instagram, and facebook and sign up to my newsletter!

I would like to thank all the wonderfull customers who have ordered custom creations in the past. I loved making it all!

Hithfaereth gown by Skeletons in the Closet
picture by Little Owls
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