Black is such a happy colour

People who know me for a while know that I started sewing when I wanted to wear gothy clothes. This evolved into a fascination with the Victorian era and corsetry. When my client asked me to make her a Victorian corset in all black materials I was very happy. Combining the two things I love. […]

Misunderstanding corsetry, and how to deal with it.

  A little history: A lot of you might have seen the pictures I made with Amesbury Rose (model), Eline Spek(photographer) and Chloe Bakker(makeup and hair), back in 2012. This photoshoot still is one of my favourite shoots ever. I made a Marie Antoinette inspired stays with pocket hoops. I was, and still am very […]

Xiamara corset, historical gussets and modern day zippers

I promised to write a blog post about this coutil corset. I have decided to call this corset Xiamara. Yes this is a book reference. 10 points to the person who knows what book series I am currently reading 😉   This is a black coutil corset, made out of rosebud coutil. It has a […]

The couture curve collection.

The couture curve collection. These handmade couture corsets are made out of lovely silks, coutil, cotton and steel. A couture curve corset is a corset made to your measurements. Smooth curves and lots of steel boning highlight these corsets. Since we love dupion and taffeta silk, we make our corsets in those fabrics. (ofcourse we […]

From inspiration to costume: 18th century gown

Every year we (my husband and I) go to several costume events. We love to have a place to wear our pretty frocks and doll up completely.   Last Christmas (2015) Maarten said that he wanted a new military inspired costume. So there we were, at our Christmas brunch firing up Pinterest to see what we […]

The Beautiful Basic Collection

The Beautiful Basic collection show you the essential corsets for any corset wearer. Made out of cotton, satin or brocade coutil these corsets are made for daily wear. The corsets are available as standard size items or as made to measure. The corsets start at basic price point and have optional extra’s. All Beautiful Basic […]

Back to our roots! The Classique Gothique collection.

We at Skeletons in the Closet make corset, but we do not only specialize in corsets. We started out making gothic gowns and we still love the dark side. Therefore, we have put together a collection in our web shop for all you dark ladies. This collection contains both old and new items. Some have […]

Antemundane Accessories

If you have browsed the website. You might have come across a new section! The Ante Mundane Accessories. Now you might wonder what on earth are those! These are little bits of historical inspired items that can bring your outfit to the new level! These are always ready to ship items. So what you see […]

Seductively Sheer Collection

Seductively Sheer.   As you may have noticed we are working on new items. As a general rule I do not work in collections. The number of corsets I make per year are not enough to have a new collection every six months. However, I can divide my work in several styles. My work is […]

There is always room for improvement, The Heather Corset Overhaul

At Skeletons in the Closet we always try to improve our work. Me in the pattern drafting department, and my husband when it comes to the hardware part of the work. As you may know this year we have been working on new standard size corsets, couture shapes and historical examples. It was also time […]

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