Single Layer Corsetry

Single layer corsetry.

Corsets come in lots of different shapes and sizes. They also come in different construction methods. One of those construction methods is the single layer construction. When I first started out corsetmaking I thought that corsets were supposed to have at least 3 layers. A fashion fabric and two strength layers, and sometimes even a floating lining and a fusible interfacing. Needless to say that my sewing machine pretty much hated me.

When I started studying antique corsets I noticed that there are indeed corset that are very thick, sometimes with quilted panels. But there were also corsets made out of a single layer of strong fabric. The so called single layer corsets. And these corsets were also very strong and suitable for a proper reduction.

Single layer corsets are quite comfortable. Not having that many layers makes them more breathable and therefore not as hot as double or triple layer corsets. They are also easier to “break in”. As a general rule they mold to your body quicker.

The key for making a single layer corset is using a strong fabric. I always use coutil for single layer corset, coutil is available as a plain cotton or synthetic satin fabric, but also available as a brocade or broche fabric! So you can have a fancy corset, that is still only made out of 1 layer of fabric.

Another thing that makes for a great single layer corset is, making sure that you use good boning incased in strong boning channels. So that you do not get any bones popping out. And of course the corset will need a waist tape.

Like the vampire corset, made out of a single layer of rosebud coutil (my favorite) It gives an amazing shape.

Vampire corset
Vampire corset
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