Skeletons in the Closet in 2016

The new year is well underway and things are quite busy at Skeletons in the Closet!


The last few weeks I have been down with the flu, but we are up and running again, catching up on orders.


For 2016 we have some exciting plans I would like to share with you.


Custom orders:

We are now completely booked for custom corset and gown orders until fall 2016.

This spring we will focus on finishing the custom orders. I hope to show all of you what I am working on. Keep an eye on my facebook page if you would like to stay up to date.

If you are looking to commission a gown or corset for the fall of 2016, you can always get in touch to discuss design and prices. That way you will know what to save up for, when I can accept your order in the fall.



The only exception to the no-custom-order-rule, are the Honoria waspies. At the moment they are my favourite item to make. They do not take an extreme amount of time to make and are great starter corsets for those looking to get into corset wearing. So in order to get my corset fix, I have scheduled some time to make waspies.


Ready to ship items

Another things I will focus on this year is trying out some more ready to ship items. This can be feathery accessories, or corsets in a larger range of sizes. So I can keep my creativity going and make some lovely new items. Also the goal is to try out new things, patterns and techniques that will improve my work.


There are some things on the drawing board already. A ribbon corset, mesh corsetry, sample corsets in larger sizes, feather neck corsets and ruffle shrugs.


Since I do not work in collections, the items will be listed on occasion in the webshop. You can check out my social media to see what new items there are for sale in the store.

The reason I do not work in collections is because I have an eclectic taste. I love antique corsetry, but also fetish fashion and pin up. And since my clients are as diverse as I am, there is no need for me to work in collections. I am really thankful for all of you that allow me to create beautiful things.



Another thing I shall start up again is writing blog posts. Since corsetry is a passion of mine I love to talk about it all day! So I want to start up again on writing about it to share my thoughts with you.



The webshop can be found here:


The blog can be found here:


Edwardian Lady
Edwardian Lady





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