Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering, shipping and delivery.

How do I order from Skeletons in the Closet? You can order through our webshop, where you can find both readymade as made to order items. You can also contact us by using the contact form for a custom creation.

Do you ship to my country? We ship to almost every country in the world. At the moment the United Kingdom is excluded from shopping tough our webshop, this is due to new VAT rules regarding Brexit. 

How long does it take you to make/send my custom corset/gown/garment? This is not a simple question to answer. It completely depends on the amount of work that goes into your corset or gown, the amount of outstanding orders we have and how fast you are with sending your measurements and address. As a general rule we try to make underbust and simple skirts within 2 months. Overbust within 3 months and gowns can take up to 6 months. After you have ordered we shall give you an estimate on when your item is finished, however this is just an estimate. Life may happen. If you need your garment for a certain date, please email me before ordering.

Why is shipping so expensive? We choose to ship insured with a track and trace, this is an expensive form of shipping, but if your package gets lost or damaged you will be happier for it. Shipping outside of the EU has become quite expensive in recent times. This is not something we can control. 

I love this gown/corset but I would like to change the colour/trim/fabric do you accept custom orders? Certainly! Custom creations is what we do! We love making custom stuff.

I noticed that you also have an Etsy shop. But the same corsets are slightly more expensive there. Why is that? Etsy takes a 3,5% fee when I sell something trough them. This is added to the price of the item. For this added price you do get the buyers protection from Etsy. 



Are your corsets suitable for waist training? Yes. Our corsets are made for reducing your waist and daily wear. Of course if you wear a garment on a daily basis it will show it eventually, just like your favourite pair of shoes. Also keep in mind that silk fabrics are more delicate that the strong coutils. If you have questions if the corset is suitable for your lifestyle, please email me before ordering


I love this historical corset, can you make me a replica? I love too! Please keep in mind that an historical corset always comes with at least one mock-up.


Do you make corsets for really small or large sizes? Yes! We have a certain standard size range, but if you fall outside of our standard size patterns we can make you a made to measure or custom corset. With or without a mock-up.


Can I return my standard size corset when it does not fit me? No, although it is a standard size item we make it especially for you, we do not carry our standard size items in large stocks, after all we make all corsets by ourselfs in our own atelier. If you are unsure if the corset will fit you, please email me before purchase.


I have received my corset but there is something wrong with it? Please inform me of the problem within 2 weeks upon receiving the corset (ergo when the post delivered it at your place)


What is the difference between made to measure and bespoke/custom? With made to measure I draft a pattern based on the measurements you have provided and make the corset right away. With a fully bespoke/custom corset we make a mock-up first, and a second mock-up when needed before making the actual corset. The second option will ensure the best fit. However, it comes at a premium price. We do not offer guarantees on fit for the made to measure option. Do not get me wrong, pattern drafting is something we excel in, but there is only so much you can do when you have not seen a body in person. If you want more certainty, get a mock-up!


I am used to buying clothes in normal stores, and your items are so expensive compared to what I can buy in the highstreet, why is that? Over the years more and more companies have decided to have their items produced overseas in countries where wages are very low, working conditions are poor and ecological rules are less strict. This has caused the western world to have a really weird view on how much a piece of clothing should cost. All the clothing here is made by me, in the Netherlands. And in order to pay myself a living wage, have all insurances in place, and to pay taxes, my prices are higher than something you can buy in a “normal” store. 

Do you charge VAT? No, I use the small business option of not having to charge VAT. This also means that I can not order without VAT. 

About Skeletons in the Closet:

Where are you located? We are located in the Netherlands, Buitenpost

Do you have a store? Not yet! It is our lifelong dream, but for the moment we work from home. You can make an appointment for a fitting at our place in Buitenpost, the Netherlands. Please note that our house is ruled by a cat.

You keep saying we? Who are you? We are Sannie and Maarten. Sannie, is the owner, designer, historical fanatic and seamstress. Maarten is the head of steel who cuts all the boning, puts the grommets in the corsets and is our moral support.

Verna Victorian Gown
Verna Victorian Gown
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