Etsy fees and other money talk.

Oh Etsy.

At the beginning of this year I decided to move a lot of my ready to ship items to my Etsy store. Leaving more space on my website for made to measure/order and custom items. At the time I thought it would be a good idea to have both of them separated.

Etsy has now decided to raise their commission fee from 3,5 to 5% and also add this fee to the shipping costs. If you combine this with the payment processing fee, the total of fees on something I could sell you trough Etsy will be about 10%.

Do not get me wrong. I understand that Etsy is still one of the cheaper options to sell handmade items. Also I understand that running a platform like Etsy is not cheap and that they need to make money too.

However, with all the fees in place, selling trough Etsy is much more expensive than selling through my own webshop. Therefore there is a difference in price when you buy directly from me, than when you buy from me through Etsy.

The new fees will be in place at the 16th of july. This means I will raise prices on Etsy in the coming weeks. And I will be moving most of the samples available on Etsy back to the webshop. This will take some time.

I will keep the Etsy store, because I know that there are people who feel saver when buying from a platform that offers buyer protection. But for the sake of transparency, I am notifying you now that there is a difference in price when doing so.

While we are on the subject of money, there is something else I would like to explain: Please keep in mind that an item I made as a sample, that has been used in a photoshoot will always be much less expensive than a custom made item.  Sometimes even half of what I ask for a custom version of the same item. Often I let you know that a custom version of the item costs in the listing. Sample items are priced to move. When I sell a sample it gives me the option of buying new materials to make new samples and try out new materials.

The new category for the available samples is here. More will be added over the coming weeks.

As always if you like something in my webshop, but it is not quite what you are looking for yet, feel free to contact me for a custom item.

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